The Food Science and Technology Graduate Program (PPGCTA) is part of the Institute of Technology (ITEC) of the Federal University of Pará (UFPA) and began its activities in 2004 with the Master’s Program in Food Science and Technology. In 2010, CAPES approved the Doctorate, which began in 2011. The Program is recognized by CAPES, under the terms of Ordinance 1.077, of 08/31/2012 of the Ministry of Education (MEC), published in the Official Gazette of the Union) of 09/13/2012, sec. 1, p. 25, in accordance with MEC’s Administrative Rule 1,364 of 09/29/2011, published in the DOU of 09/30/2011, sec. 1, p. 40.

In the last evaluation, for the triennium 2010-2012, the Program obtained grade 4. Its activities start from a single area of concentration in Food Science and Technology, in which three lines of research are linked: Animal Origin Products, Products of Plant Origin and Bioactive Compounds. However, in February 2019, there was adaptation in the three research lines: Chemical, biochemical and microbiological properties of foods and bioactive compounds; Innovation and product development from agro-industrial raw materials and waste; Analysis and development of separation and transformation processes applied in food.

Since its foundation, PPGCTA has continuously sought to maintain a standard of academic excellence with the production of knowledge and training of highly qualified personnel. Currently, the faculty is formed by 14 professors, with, at least, doctorate degree. They are excellent researchers who contribute to high level teaching and research, as well as providing services in line with the regional, national and global trends of all segments of the food industry.

It is important to note that, at present, PPGCTA is the only Graduate Program in Food Science and Technology of the Amazon Region at the doctoral level. In this way, it stands out as an important option in the qualified training for the inhabitants of the region, including the pan-Amazonian countries, who have come to benefit from having a training focused on regional specificities in this area.

The graduates of PPGCTA are working in research institutes, in the food and related products industry, or as faculty researchers at Brazilian universities, especially those located in the North Region.